Pat Aufderheide Schwartzmann (Aufderheide)
I still teach in the School of Communication at American University, where I'm University Professor. I founded and run the Center for Social Media ( there as well. My two most recent books are Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2007) and (with Peter Jaszi) Reclaiming Fair Use: How To Put Balance Back in Copyright (U of Chicago, 2011). These books were both written for general audiences as well as profs/students, and I've been thrilled to see them travelling far beyond higher ed. I'm still married to Steve Schwartzman, who works at the Environmental Defense Fund, on global warming and tropical deforestation issues. Our
older son Elias graduated in biology from Oberlin and is working at a restaurant until he can find a lab job. Our younger son Gabe is majoring in geography at University of California Berkeley. My folks still live in Duluth; my Dad retired from UMD last year, though he is still researching and just published his latest book, and my mom retired from playing in the orchestra as well, but still plays and recently played in the orchestra for Cinderlla.
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