Teachers & Admin
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Mr. George Beck: Principal 1939-1965
Dr. E.J. Duffy: Principal 1965-1972
Kenneth Talkovich: Assistant Principal
Counselors: Gerald Anderson, LaVerle McAdams, Warren Reich, Jack Stebe
Florence Anderson: English, German
Bruce Aunan: English
Paul Backlund: Band Instructor
Jack Baldwin: World History
Charles Banks: Smith-Hughes
Carol Beatty: English
Jerome Benson: Math, Physics
Eugene Berg: Math
Melvin Bergman: Typing, Shorthand, Office Practices
Elmer Bernard: Math
Nathan Bindler: Art
Brian Blatnick: Biology, Physiology
Dennis Carey: English, Latin
Allen Carlson: Commercial Geography, Audio Visual
Wesley Cato: Mathematics
Hazel Curtis: Librarian
Walter Garvue: Bookkeeping
Leonard Golen: English
Ethel Hansen: Typing
Fred Hart: Physical Education
Jim Hastings: World History
James Hatten: American and World History
Carrol Hawley: English & Humanities
Gretchen Heath: English & Speech
Clifford Holman: Special Classes
Lawrence Jahn: Visually Handicapped
Eliot Joelson: Orchestra Director
Daniel Jones: Smith-Hughes
William Juola: American History, Problems of Democracy
Frances Knobloch: French
Corrine Lauterbach: Speech, College Survey, AP English
Susan Lovald: Biology
Vinson Lundberg: Math, Chemistry, Physics
Marian Majo: Math, Algebra
Donna Mark: English
Jerome Marsolek: Shorthand, Typing
Sherman Moe: American History
Mary Murphy: World History
Audrey Nethercott: English
Walter Niemi: Mechanical Drawing, Woodwork
Bob Olin: Smith-Hughes
Florence Olson: Clothing, Foods
Thure Oman: Smith-Hughes
Margaret Orlich: Problems of Democracy
Warren Park: Business & General Math, Algebra
Betty Pearson: Physical Education
Bonnie Reed: Art
A. Richard Roby: Vocal Director
Myrtle Rogina: American & World History
Bonnie Roitenberg: Librarian
Wallace Sapp: English, Business English
Louise Schade: Special English, Typing & Everyday Living
Kenneth Sheeks: American History
Shirley Slocumb: English
Frank Spreitzer: Biology
Naomi Swayze: Reading Center
Robert Turner: General Math, Spanish
Frank Tuszka: Office Practice
Bonnie Van Kessel Beerhalter: Clothing, Everyday Living
Robert Verchota: Biology
Arthur Vieira: Smith-Hughes
Charlotte Vucinovich: Physical Education
John Vucinovich: World History
Robert Wallin: Shorthand, Typing, Business Math
Robert Williams: Physical Education
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