45th Class Reunion Photos
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Class Photo #1
Class Photo #2
Patty Smith Glover, Marlene Skarbakka Brooks, Linda Watters Carlson
Gary & Marcia (Hoff) Doty
Jean Grew & Sandy Hobbs
Arlette DeGrio, Bonnie Thorseth, Bill Vincent, Sheri Johnson, Vickie Belsvik, Trish Dorvall, Linda Broman, Barb Renick, Cheryl Johnson (Behind Barb), Donna Olson, Sharon Hautaoja, Eileen Petaja (Between Sharon and Margie), Margie Evans, Marilyn Evans (Marg
Donna Benson, Diane Wallace, Dianne Forsberg, Jean Grew, Linda LaTour, Gladys James, Judy Erickson, Nanette Montgomery, Leslie Solem, Diane Wainio, Dilly Benson
The "Central Hillside Kids": Emmanuel Steenbaker, Donna Kohlts, Sharon Hayes, Marla Preston, Ed Thamm, Sheri Johnson
Sheri Johnson & Tim Smith
Gene Stevens, Irene Evans, Jerry Carlson, Barb Fryklund, Brian Jappinen, Elaine Brozinski, Gary Johnson, Cheryl Johnson
Curt Ryan, Tom Blomstrand, Jill Norberg, Ken Hansen, Nancy Dulinski, Cheryl Walsh, Judy Williams, Marlene Skarbakka, Judy Jackman
Dick & Nancy Prout
Steve Kozlow, Merle Kozlow, Joe Waldemar
Bill and Sondra Chadwick
Flo Golod, Merle Kozlow, Gyneth Liljeblad
April Atherton and Greg Ronnback
Donna Kohlts and Marla Preston
Scott Horngren and Donna Kohlts (Horngren)
Dan Green, Emmanuel Steenbaker, Ed Thamm, Greg Twight
Donna Olson, Kathy Shearer, Trish Dorvall, Lorae Lyons, Marlene Skarbakka
Vickie Belsvik, Cheryl Johnson
Steve Nordberg, Greg Nimmo
Gary Doty and Tom Blomstrand Golf Tournament Teammates
Stairway to the Bell Tower
The Bells in the Tower
Inside The Bell/Clock Tower
Bell Tower Stairway
Proclamation from Mayor Ness welcoming the Duluth Central Class of 1966 for their 45th Class Reunion, Sept. 17, 2011
Elaine Brozinski Hansen, Charlene McKeever Shimmin, Barbara Fryklund Campbell...BYE!...SEE YOU AT THE 50TH
Arlette DeGrio, Bruce Antonson
Dinner Dance at Northland Country Club
Sandy Fellbaum Handel, Neil Handel
Patty Smith Glover, Sandy Fellbaum Handel, Neil Handel, Marvin Carlson, Linda Watters Carlson, Lucy Nordberg, Steve Nordberg
Northland Country Club, Dinner Dance
Tower Bell and Hammer
View from the Bell Tower...Up the Hill
Gene Stevens and his daughter, Henry and Sheri Djerlev, Marcia and Gary Doty
View from the Bell Tower...East Downtown
View of the Harbor from the Bell Tower
Patty Smith Glover in the Bell Tower
Patty Smith Glover and Marcia Doty heading down the stairs from the Bell Tower
The Tower Bells That Called Us Home
Trojan Autographs From Years Long Past
Is your name somewhere on these walls?
The Clockworks
The boiler room
Leslie Solem Stevens (Left in Black & Beige), Leslie's Daughter (Red), April Atherton (Back in Black), Greg Ronnback (Back in Khaki Green), Nancy Dulinski House (Center in Patterned Jacket), Marlene Skarbakka Brooks (Center in Black), Danny Nick (Right in
Lucy Nordberg, Patty Smith Glover, Steve Nordberg
In the Central High School Museum
Underground Tunnel to Washington Junior High School
Auditorium Ceiling
Auditorium Balcony
The old stage is long gone....
Empty Halls.....
Joe (Jose) Ovidio Waldemar
Quiet stairways....
Dear Old Central
Linda Watters Carlson, Patty Smith Glover. Friday Night Mixer...Props Were Great! Thank You for the vision and great ideas Arlette!!! And Thank You for the Construction Greg Nimmo!
Steve Nordberg, Judy Frantz Albrecht, Patty Smith Glover, Tim Smith, Linda Watters Carlson
Gyneth Liljeblad Slygh, Steve Nordberg, Judy Frantz Albrecht, Patty Smith Glover, Tim Smith, Linda Watters Carlson, Pay Hall Magee
Lucy (Steve) Nordberg, Barbara Fryklund Campbell
Ron Abernethy, Jill Norberg Miller, Merle Kozlow Costello, Steve Nordberg
Steve Nordberg, Sue Barteldt Lee, Lucy Nordberg
Patty Smith Glover, Steve Nordberg, Jill Norberg Miller
Al Eastman (Far Left), Patty Smith Glover, Gyneth Liljeblad Slygh, Linda Watters Carlson, Steve Nordberg and Ron Abernethy (Far Right)
Greg Nimmo, Marla Preston Yoho, Gary Doty, Arlette DeGrio, Marcia (Hoff) Doty
Arlette DeGrio, Marla Preston Yoho
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