50th Class Reunion Photos
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Arlette DeGrio, Donna Kohlts Horngren
Cindy Gaber, Connie Stonemark
Chuck Cox, Roger Hendrickson, Arlette Degrio, Greg Nimmo
Lynn Duytschaever, Chuck Cox, Roger Hendrickson, Joann Cox
Mark Roussy, Bill Vincent, Gail London, Tom Wiemann, Arlette De Grio
Cheryl Johnson, Joanne Nordstrom, Sue Barteldt, Bonnie Buck, Mark Roussy
Meryl Kozlow, Judy Falconer, Kathy Peterson, June Gee, Marsha MacIntosh
Tom Wiemann, Tom Blomstrand, Gene Lewis
Ralph Yernberg, Scott Horngren, Frank Wanner
Saturday Afternoon's Train Ride Janice Maki Ruckman with phone.
Saturday Night's Buffet Dinner at the Raddison
Gary making announcements
Part of Group 2
Ron Abernethy, Jack Sylvester, Kathy Hendrickson Nick, Scott Horngren, Bruce Antonson
Tom Wiemann, Marsha MacIntosh Edgerton
Gary "The Auctioneer" Doty, Marla Preston-Yoho
Danny Nick, Raya Socha Vincent, Billy Vincent, Kathy Hendrickson Nick
Danny Nick, Mary Alvar, Billy Vincent, Jack Sylvester, Bruce Antonson, Tom Wiemann
Connie & Tom Wiemann
Bruce Antonson, Kathy Hendrickson Nick, Danny Nick, Linda Hendrickson, Steve Anderson
Billy Vincent, Tim Larson, Gail London Larson, Tom Wiemann
Central 2016
Clock Tower 2016
Clock Tower 2016
Clock Tower 2016
Cruising Thru The Canal
Duluth Hillside = July 5, 2016 Posted by Henry Djerlev
Bonnie Thorseth Niven & Sue Lundin Brown visit
Several classmates planned two special events to welcome Sandra Niemi Breeden back to Duluth on May 20th. Thanks to Bonnie Thorseth Niven snapping a few shots. From left to right: Bonnie, Sandra, Bette Peterson Gubbe Slag and Arlete DeGrio. The lovely ladies from Lowell Grade school in the Duluth Heights!
A second shot from Bonnie ... left to right: Sandra, Bette and Ralph Talerico.
Meanwhile, back at VFW Post 137, a second event was planned which included karaoke and dancing. The event was coordinated by Charlene McKeever Shimmin and Ralph Talerico. Here's Charlene with Don swaying to the smooth stylings of "Uncle Rico!" These photo's are compliments of Judy Frantz Albrecht.
Also at the VFW event, Judy Frantz captured a special moment ... Judy Tervo Gray enjoyed a meal with her mom Kay Tervo, a class of '44 graduate from Michigan. Stay tuned ... even more pictures are coming!
Sunrise over Duluth Central Tower by: Andrew Krueger / akrueger@duluthnews.com
Two Duluth landmarks from the artful eye of Steve Payette, Stewart Taylor Printing
Duluth Central High School, from the downtown Holiday Inn
Duluth Central High School, with Duluth Public Library, Washington Jr. High, Nettleton Elementary School, and the Central Hillside
Duluth Central High School
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