Mary(Judy) Arndt
I have a different computer. I got the computer with my stimulus money. I t is a pc- windows 10. I hope everyone is ok. I live in Port Richey, FL. It has been 40 years since I've been in Duluth. Except for my cousins, all of my family has passed away. I'll be 74 years old, 2 days after Christmas. I hope all of you are ok. Judy

Hi everyone, I have never been to any of your reunions. When I was married I lived out west. I was married 27 years. I now live in Florida. My daughter Jennifer(35 yrs old) lives in Santa Cruz,CA. I also have a grandson Alex, who will be 18 this December. I do miss Duluth and hope to visit Duluth in the future. I work for Nielsen's Media Research. I also paint with watercolors and had a art show a few years ago.
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