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Duluth, MN
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Apollo, PA
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Duluth, MN
Am not sure if I should pick up where I left off last reunion five years ago - or -just start anew. Not much has changed in that time period. I was already retired having sold my travel agency. Scott retired a couple of years ago now. My Mom had been gone … more »
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Duluth, MN
Austin, TX
Bradenton, FL
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Greeley, CO
After graduating from UMD and the University of Florida, I've worked as a guidance counselor at the Duluth Air Force Base education office. I've been married for 43 years and have one son, Nick, who surprised me at age 42 and just got married this summer. … more »
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Houston, TX
Hello to everyone!
I retired last year (9-30-2015). My landlord sold my townhouse after my living there 25 years! Moving was hard. Now I'm in a small apartment.
My sister, Louise, is about 40 mi. away.
My Mom is in assisted living in Webster, Wisconsi… more »
Proctor, MN
Duluth, MN
I'm involved with PACT and have a TV program called Bible Study with Henry Koski. I consult, guide and encourage in Biblical areas.
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Duluth, MN
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Phoenix, AZ
I have lived in Phoenix, AZ since 1995. This is long enough to be cold when it hits 60 degrees here ...certainly not Duluth standards.
I work part time at Mayo Clinic and spend my days off with my husband of 43 years, Jack. I have 2 children and 4 step ch… more »
Prescott Valley, AZ
Pensacola, FL
Duluth, MN
Superior, WI
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Duluth, MN
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Duluth, MN