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Pensacola, FL
Duluth, MN
Superior, WI
Cloquet, MI
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View profile »Diane LeBlanc Westling (LeBlanc)
Duluth, MN
Esko, MN
View profile »Gyneth Liljeblad Slygh (Liljeblad)
Hudson, WI
Family: Husband of 51 years, Mike; One child, daughter Erin, one excellent son-in-law & 3 granddaughters; my 3 siblings and my 95-year old Mom, are all doing well.
Career: Secretary; Grocery Cashier; Theater Concessions "girl", Library assistant; H.S. Tea… more »
View profile »Gail London Larson (London)
Duluth, MN
Married to Tim - we have two boys and two grandchildren.

Finally retired! Haven't figured it out yet - but will!!
Grand Rapids, MN
View profile »Jane Lovell LaLonde (Lovell)
Waskom, TX
Duluth, MN
View profile »Susan Lundin Brown (Lundin)
Mesa, AZ
We have been living in Mesa for the past 24 years and recently downsized our home. As we are all getting to the "AGE" we realize that we are not 18 anymore and aren't able to do what we used to. We have 5 grandchildren with two of them being in college and… more »
Duluth, MN
View profile »Lorae Lyons Sathers (Lyons)
Richfield, MN
Family: 2 Children - Eric (Dawn), Jennifer (Ben), 3 granddaughters - Alexandra(8), Rainey (4) & Juniper (1)
Career: Associate Librarian with the Hennepin County (Minnesota) Library System. Retired in 2018 after 44+ years of service.
College: UMD - 1970- … more »
View profile »Marsha MacIntosh Edgerton (MacIntosh)
Venice, FL
Enjoying retirement in Florida. We golf, travel, and spend time with friends and family. Fifty years has gone by in a heart beat ...." Life is good!
Hermantown, MN
View profile »Janice Maki Ruckman (Maki)
Omaha, NE
Married 47 years to Lloyd Ruckman. We met in St. Paul, MN as students at Apostolic Bible Institute.
We've lived in 5 states, 10 cities, with the last 20 years in Omaha.
Three children: Lisa (Brian) in Florida; Nathan (Chellie) in Omaha; Sara (Vibi) in … more »
View profile »Marsha Maki Keuten (Maki)
It's hard to believe I've been retired for five years! I worked as a letter carrier for almost 33 years.
My three children, Shane, Summer and Lance, have blessed me with eight grandsons and one granddaughter.
Since 2003 I've been living at my cabin at I… more »
Duluth, MN