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Duluth, MN
View profile »Marilyn Carr Barnstorf (Carr)
Aitkin, MN
Superior, WI
Sondra and I have been married 18 years, we have 2 children: Billy - 13, Julia - 9. I have three other children: Schona - 37, Ben - 41 and James - 43. We have one grand daughter,
Tegan, who is 1 yr. old. I retired from Fleming Food in 2004, now I keep b… more »
View profile »Barbara Chitko Boldt (Chitko)
Las Vegas, NV
We are retired since 2008 after 30 years of working for the Postal Service. I have two daughters, Paulette Greenberg works for United Health Group in Minneapolis, and Stephanie Thompson, Tech Sgt in USAF currently deployed in Afghanistan. William is a 1969… more »
Denton, TX
After graduation I entered the US Army and served in Viet Nam. I married my best friend, Kathy Ostrowski. We have been married for 52 years. We have one daughter and 2 teen age grandchildren. Our daughter is living in the Dallas area and works in the Insur… more »
Abilene, TX
Update: Flying in from Texas to enjoy good friends and the cool, crisp air in Duluth, Minnesota! Can't wait.

Life for anyone named Christoferson was altered in an unimaginable way on November 30th, 2014 when my dear wife moved on to what she described as… more »
Duluth, MN
View profile »Charlene Clarine Zervas (Clarine)
Saginaw, MN
Family: Son- William (Lisa) White; Granddaughter - Ellie White;
Stepdaughter - Bernadette (Chad) Turner

Jobs: Car hop at A&W on London Rd, Duluth, MN;
Credit Office at Sears in Duluth, MN (Thanks to Mr. Garvue);
N.Y. Regional Credit Office at Sear… more »
View profile »Barb Clawson O'Connor (Clawson)
Minneapolis, MN
Duluth, MN
Retired from Minn. Air National Guard after 27 years.
Hobbies: 1. Own, manage and maintain 19 rental units.
2. Canadian fishing trips
3. Investing
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Clearwater, FL
Duluth, MN
In 1983 I met my wife, Joann Johnson from Floodwood, a wonderful woman of God, at the Christian fellowship that I've been a part of since December, 1979. Our anniversary #29 is coming up November 12. We were late bloomers in the area of parenting, adopting… more »
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Grapevine, TX
I am divorced; Air Force veteran of twelve years; retired Air Force Department of Defense after twenty-nine years.
I have two children: Dawn, 40, is a lieutenant in the Nevada Highway Patrol in Vegas and is expecting her first baby in August; Shawn,… more »
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Sun City, AZ
Since graduation I've lived in Houston, TX, returned to Duluth, then finally settled in Minneapolis where I share my home with some loveable dachshunds. I have a beautiful daughter who lives in Des Moines with her husband & my 2-year-old granddaughter Han… more »
Flagstaff, AZ
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Mahtowa, MN
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Duluth, MN
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Rice, MN
Dan and I have 4 children, 5 grandchildren. We are both nurses, however, Dan retired in 2009. I retired from nursing management in 2008 and took a parttime position as a nurse educator - LOVE IT!! We are both avid ATV enthusiasts and travel all over the co… more »
Duluth, MN